A Fresh Christmas Spirit

How long does the excitement of the Christmas story, a prized Christmas gift, a new house or car, or even an engagement ring or new born baby to your family last?  …maybe 1-2 years?  I’ve been married to the most wonderful lady for over 50 years.  But as the years passed, I inadvertently began to take her for granted.  I suspect I subconsciously began to think ‘I’ve got this marriage-thing down, so I don’t have to try as hard.  I can now focus on other things.’  The result: I become less sensitive to her needs and our relationship loses its luster.  She has ways to remind me of that. When I finally wake up, I reflect back on all she means to me and my sensitivity gauge becomes more alert.

2 Corinthians 11:3 (GNB) “I am afraid that your minds will be corrupted and that you will abandon your full and pure devotion to Christ—in the same way that Eve was deceived by the snake’s clever lies.” I doubt anyone would deliberately abandon their devotion to Christ but do they inadvertently allow their mind to be corrupted and then deceived to the point they commitment spiritual adultery in their relationship with God?

Perhaps Christmas can serve as a gauge to measure how we might have allowed our minds to be corrupted.  I’ve seen the Christmas creche multiple times in programs or in front yards and read and heard the Christmas story told more than a 1000 times over the years.  I have the story down fairly well by now.  It has now lost some of its awe and luster.  How about you?  So, do you think just maybe our minds could have inadvertently become corrupt in our full and pure devotion to Christ?

If I separate the physical, external aspect of the Christmas story from the spiritual meaning of the story, I would have to admit that at least the physical aspect of advent has become corrupted because the creche has lost its awe-inspiring effect on me.  On the other hand, if I consider my internal sense of a felt need for undeserved favor (grace), which is what Christmas is really all about, my passion quickly begins to affect my emotions.  When I pause to reflect on my total depravity and my desperate need for God’s grace and mercy, I find myself again in awe of what Christmas is all about whether it is viewed from God’s perspective or my human one.

I pray each reader will take the time this year, before their gifts are opened, to dial down and refocus.  Meditate long enough on the gravity of their personal sin along with the spiritual meaning of God’s gift in Christmas, to feel a breath of the freshness of awe and wonder again.  I believe it can give a refreshing shot of life to your full and pure devotion to Christ this season that will result in experiencing again His joy and hope.  Enjoy a very blessed Christmas!


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