Why I called it My Wineskins

With my last name being Wine, I have been repeatedly connected with the beverage.  Therefore, Jesus’ parable of wineskins has attracted my attention.  In it He spoke of the danger of pouring new wine into old wineskins because the skin would burst as it fermented and both would be wasted.  I’ve desired to be a unique wineskin that could regularly receive ‘new wine’ and not explode.  In fact, one of my core values has been ‘life change” in my own life and facilitating it in others.  Those who have known me well have commented that I do continue to change.    I want to share tastes of the new wine the Holy Spirit shares with me through His Word hence the blog name ‘My Wineskins’.



Last night was very cold and my rental car had a Texas license plate on it.  It certainly wasn’t used to the cold I experienced in Big Springs, Ne!!!  The electronic sensors must have decided to protest because all the warning lights on the car stayed on after the car started and told the car’s …


Have you asked or prayed for something, expected it to happen but it never did?  How did you feel about that?  After all, didn’t Jesus teach “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7 (ESV) You thought you were doing …

Bit and Bridle

Several years ago, Doug Milholland, a world class horse trainer, invited me to ride one of his highly trained horses.  He explained the horse I was riding was so sensitive that she didn’t need a bridle. I could actually guide her by shifting in the saddle or a gentle nudge with my knee.  As we …


My name is Bob Wine and I’ve been married to my wife Connie for 50 years living mostly in Nebraska.  We have two daughters who love God, one married with 4 girls and two boys and 1 grandson and one a widow with two boys.

My dad ‘planted’ new churches so I know the struggles that come with that lifestyle.  I began vocational ministry in 1966 helping my father plant a church in So California.  I received my License to Preach in 1968, graduated from Bethany Bible College (Santa Cruz CA) in 1969, and was Ordained in 1974.  I served in a pastoral staff position (music and youth) in California and Oregon for nearly 10 years, as a senior pastor in Ainsworth and Kearney Nebraska.  While pastoring the New Life church family for over 33 years, I also served as a Nebraska Presbyter for 20 years and a Regional Presbyter for 10 years before being elected as the Nebraska District Superintendent in April 2013.

Beyond loving God and His Word with everything within me, my top 5 core values are leading ‘life change’ in my own life and others; integrity and authenticity; excellence in all I do; balance in theology, practical Christianity and lifestyle; and discipleship that is intentional, strategic and practical.  John Maxwell’s ‘test’ scored me as a ‘Strategic Leader’.  My ministry strengths are administration, teaching and counseling.

Ministry to me is not a job, it is “my reasonable service” of love as modeled by our Lord.  Fulfillment of Christian living is found in living this self-giving model, not in self-gratification.  I have a firm conviction that we, as church leaders, must not just educate the intellect or behavior of those we serve.  Rather than shaping their behavior we must shape their heart, equip and mobilize them (Ephesians 4:12) to do their ministry in the highest of quality manner they are capable of doing.  Therefore, my goal is to create an environment where the lid on the willing, ‘hungry’ and/or marginalized individual who genuinely loves God with their whole heart, is lifted and given an opportunity to develop ‘people smarts’ in order to experience the greater joy God desires for them while serving in their God assigned task.  At the same time, build up the stronger leaders and inspire them to invest in the lives of the ‘hungry’ blossoming leaders.