Why So Long?

God’s ways can be very mystifying!! When He had planned for us to be reconciled to Him long before Adam and Eve even sinned, why did He wait 4 millenniums after they sinned to send the Christ-child and set His plan into motion?  I don’t know, nor do I need to know God’s reasons.  I’m sure there were many very good ones.  I do know the Bible says, But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law… Galatians 4:4 (ESV) What did “the fullness of time” mean?  It sounds like a farmer who, after planting the seeds, has to patiently wait for “the fullness of time” when the seed reaches maturity.  What kind of maturation had to happen before He would send “His Son”?

1,000 yrs. before Jesus came, there was no common language that would enable many nationalities to hear about Jesus. Providentially through the conquests of Alexander the Great, the Greek language was introduced as the common international language of that time.

1,000 yrs. before this there were pirates on the seas and a very poor road system.  Travel was very limited, so very few people would hear about the truths Jesus would teach.  The Roman Emperor Augustus finally brought peace to this vast area after centuries of warfare.  The Roman navy swept pirates off the seas making maritime commerce and travel safe.  In the 2nd century B.C. the Romans began establishing 50,000 miles of well-built roads which they thought was for commerce, but God ordained for His agenda.

The fascinating part is even though selfish, godless men were involved, God used their selfishness to bring about His plan—even when those He used never came to know Him in a personal way!  His truth marches on no matter what!

Another perplexing thing is, after He did send His Son and Christ Jesus finished His assignment, why does He continue to wait before we are fully reunited with Him?  Romans 8:29 explains ‘it ain’t over till’ those fully committed to Him are “conformed to the image of His Son!”

In high school I didn’t know my future occupation, but I did vow I would never be a pastor.  When God first whispered to my inner being that He wanted me to be a pastor, I negotiated with Him and we agreed I would work as a pastor of worship and youth but nothing more!  I highly suspect God had a grin on His face when we agreed on that.  He had a lot of ‘shaping’ to do.

Little did I know then that after God shaped me by leading me to go through innumerable learning experiences, THEN He would orchestrate for me to do what I am doing now!  Sorry to say I’ve been so hard headed that I have had to be goaded hard to move on to the next ‘classroom’.  But what a fascinating journey!  I know I need a lot more transformation in order to be in the full stature of our Lord.  I do wonder what experience He plans to take me through next. I’m certainly ready if it helps me to be more like Him!   I’ve also learned it is naivety to think life is all about our assigned task.  The reality is He uses our assignments to shape us into the likeness of His Son.

How have you been doing in your journey?  Have you had to take extra laps around the track having failed to learn from an experience or two like me?  Perhaps you are in the midst of one right now!   Whatever the case, I suspect you are closer to the “fulness of time” when your life’s dream will be fulfilled—you will be enough in His likeness for Him to take you to be with Him.